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Art major is a site that connects amateur or professional painters and buyers. All artistic fields are concerned: painting, sculpture, photography, ... etc.

You can find my page david passions on Artmajeur.

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Passion, my passions, passionately

Welcome to the website of David!

I created this site to share my passions and my creations, paintings, drawings, models, photographs, architectures

and of course philately.

There are also several stamps shops at auction.

Passionate, including pages for each country on philately will be included.



find "coco" in coffee tan lap, the street Thanh tone, Ho chi Minh City, formerly Saigon
other photographs of Ho Chi Minh City here

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             Caledonie      Wallis et futuna


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Sincerely,                        david

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Passion comes from the Latin patior, pati and namesake Greek pathos, meaning suffering, torment, state of one who suffers, passivity. It is different from current popular connotations of passion associated with romance and who are generally seen as an emotion of joy. The philosophical notion, in contrast, is identified by biologically perceived emotional states such as anger, lust or more of the seven deadly sins.

By philosophers:
The passions of the soul (sometimes called Treaty of the passions of the soul) is a philosophical treatise is the last book written by René Descartes and published in his lifetime in 1649 in Paris. This one is dedicated to Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia.
In this work, Descartes focuses on the question of the passions. It is therefore a moral philosophy Treaty, which fits with the book, in the tradition of philosophical reflection on the passions, while addressing a recent innovative physiological point of view because of the precursor neurophysiology. It cleared several issues he had raised in his previous works. Thus, for the problem of mind-body interaction, it offers in this book theories about "animals spirits" and the role as central him the pineal gland, linking human emotions and body chemistry .
According to Baruch Spinoza, a passion is a confused idea, mostly imaginary and often abstract, by which the mind affirms an increase or decrease in the strength of his body to exist. For example, Mercy is a passion as it is based on the confused imagination a being who is like we suffered a spell, which has the immediate effect of causing sadness. The confused desire to persevere in its being is the author the most fundamental passion, which then derive joy and sadness, and love and hate. Relaxing on a misunderstanding of Nature and of itself, the passions are incurred rather they mark the fortitude of one who is affected, they are so passive that affects two natural consequence of slavery. They are opposed to actions, virtues and freedom in general. It is still possible to control them.
According to Hume, "what we mean by common passion is a violent and sensible emotion of the mind to the appearance of a good or evil, or an object, which, through the primitive constitution our faculties, is calculated to excite an appetite. »
According to Hegel, passion is the powerful trend that pushes an individual or a people to unite all his spiritual and physical energies to create an artistic, technical or unique political, original and decisive.

· There are two passions that have always marked human actions: the love of power and the love of money - Benjamin Franklin
· The lower passions, passion rises - Mihail Eminescu
· The will to triumph over passion is after all the will of one or more other passions - Friedrich Nietzsche

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