• Coin and banknote

    18 Coin and banknote
    Numismatics (from Latin numisma, "coin") is concerned with the study of coins and medals. It is particularly useful in research in ancient history (especially Roman or Greek). It is also used in archeology, especially as a dating criterion.
  • letters

    4 letters
    In addition to items on postage stamps, philatelic documents and old postcards I wanted to add in a fourth headings envelopes, whether first day envelope or envelope with many stamps. Good visit.
  • Philately - Stamps

    3 Philately - Stamps
    Known men, unmissable places, famous painters, you visit here a set of stamp France.  
  • Philatelic Documents

    17 Philatelic Documents
    Philatelic documents, rather underrated these days are yet to know the source documents. They usually consist of a text, a printed stamp of the same stamp and a seal. I advise you to see this for "Charles de Gaulle" since he was hit on gold, and it has a serial number.
  • Postcards

    13 Postcards
    In addition to items post stamps and philatelic material must not neglect the old postcards. Indeed, there are also stamps on postcards and you will find that the stamp is put on the illustrated part, what was done in the early years of the creation of postcards

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